Friday, December 20, 2013

Lil Boosie Get A Release Date 

According to New Orleans', Lil Boosie is scheduled to come home from prison August 18, 2014. That is the date on record with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, the publication reported. also said that Boosie would be under supervision until June 17, 2018. Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, was first locked up for violating probation from a drug bust in 2008. He was then charger on first-degree murder in 2010, and acquitted in 2012. Boosie is still in prison on an eight-year sentence for smuggling codeine, weed, and ecstasy into the Angola Prison facility. The rapper pleaded guilty to the charge but his lawyer insists that drug incident was a set-up by an informant.

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