Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rappers Responds to Trinidad James’ New York Hip-Hop Rant

Action Bronson, Hopsin, Bun B, 
ASAP Rocky, Maino, and Smoke DZA
(Left To Right)
Artist Action Bronson, Hopsin, Bun B, ASAP Rocky, Maino, and Smoke DZA all had something to say about the, Nov. 12, Trinidad James New York Rant. Action Bronson and Smoke DZA took their comment and posted them on Twitter. Hopsin had a recent interview with, where he stated his opinion on James’s comments, calling him the worst... ever. "Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth. His opinion is like a newborn baby saying it's the king of the world, as far as fighting and it would whoop Bruce Lee's a**. Bun B and A$AP Rocky offered their opinion on it in an interview with MTV's RapFixLive. Maino had the most to say about the comments sending threats to Trinidad James over Twitter. James also has a few words his shares.

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